I’m Jen. I’m a Graphic Designer based in good ole’ Charleston, South Carolina where I’m married to my high school sweetheart (awww, right?). I am oh so competitive – like flip a table during monopoly competitive, but it’s one of the driving forces that makes me good at what I do. I love spontaneous trips, trying new foods, experiencing different cultures, and just living for those moments you can’t wait to tell your kids (someday – sorry mom). I love people! I love intentionally getting to know people, caring for them, and giving what I can to invest in their happiness. We’re made to love and share our love with other people. If I can do that while creating beautiful designs and illustrations then I’m golden.  



The Creator of everything found order in chaos and had a standard of excellence and beauty in His creations. Since I believe I was molded in God’s image, these values are the foundation of all my work.

 My process as a designer is to seek past the obvious, find order through design, and hold it to a standard of excellence and beauty that anyone can appreciate. I believe that if I stay true to myself and live authentically, my art will shine brilliantly.